50+ perfect Free Heart SVG Files for Cricut and Other Cut Machines

If you are looking for a free heart SVG file for any project, today’s post has a great list of collections where to find them. All the sites described below offers also other high quality designs, so I definitely recommend to check them all!

But first, what is an SVG file?

In case you’re not sure of what SVG is, the acronym SVG stands for ‘Scalable Vector Graphic’ is a standard graphic vector file that renders 2D images on the internet.
As said with the word, ’Scalable,’ an SVG can be greatly increased in size without losing its quality. This is a key advantage for crafters to get a high-quality finished design on a product. It can also be customized by color, size, shape and text, making it the crafters dream file format.

Before we jump to the heart selection list, let me explain one thing. Some SVG files can be downloaded in one volume with other files such as DXF, AI, PNG, JPG and are packaged in .ZIP or .RAR format. These packed files cannot be directly used in your machine. To use it in your cut machine’s software, you need first unpack the files by following these simple steps.

How to Unpack an SVG File for use in cutting machines, step by step:

1. Download .ZIP/.RAR file into your computer.
2. If it’s .RAR file, firstly you will need download free software named “WinRAR” (for windows) or “The Unarchive” (for mac). If it’s .ZIP file you only need unpack directly and no extra software is needed.
3. Right mouse click on the file and choose the option of ‘extract all.’
4. Extracted files are ready for uploading onto your cut machines software.

Now that we know the process, let’s go find your perfect free heart SVG file designs in these 16 websites.

50+Free Heart SVG Files

Check out this list of websites that will surprise you with beautiful heart SVG file designs for your creations.

1. SVG Heart

Our website has a large variety of free heart SVG files and you can find them here. All files are optimized for the cricut machine, but you can use them for any other projects. If you need any other file format, you can easily convert SVG to any other file format using online converters. I can recommend It’s simple to use and supports all popular formats – DXF, EPS, PNG, JPEG, PDF.

All our designs are free for personal use but if to be used commercially, you will need to sign up for member ship or buy a single sale license.
We also offer custom made SVG services for anyone wanting a unique SVG. Crafters love that our professionals can make SVGs of many different customized heart designs (or any other) and prices starting at just $2.99.

2. 3 Axis

This website has over 20,000 vector files. You can find here different formats for free download and they have many SVGs as well. Their files are mostly optimized for laser cut machines, but you can also use them for Cricut and other cutting machines.
This heart designs would look lovely on Valentine’s day crafted gifts or for any other time of the year. Download process is simple as one click.

3. Craft House SVG

For a wide variety of seasonal and themed free and paid SVG files, visit this website. This specific free faith heart SVG file is a lovely encouraging love message. It’s a great design for personal projects like home wall decals, coffee mugs, pillows, tote bags and so much more. Download it after going through a check out process of $0.

4. Top Free Designs

The Top Free Designs have a wide variety of SVG files, fonts and graphics. This hearts file is a lovely and simple love written heart design is perfect for valentine’s day. It is free for personal use and is easy to download for your creative ideas.

5. My Designs In The Chaos

If you’re looking for uniquely different heart designs, find them on this site. Their designs are free for personal and commercial use for up to 200 uses.
This bundle consists of 5 whimsical and artsy designs that can be creatively used for literally any and all projects you can think of. Files are simple to download, but download link is almost hidden at the bottom of the post.

6. Free SVG designs

It’s easy to download the free SVG designs from this website. For commercial use, you must get a commercial license, but you might not need a license with this attractive looking heart design for your valentine’s day creations. Use this design on t-shirts, a coffee mug or tote bags to remind you of your loved one. The level of your creativity is the limit when using this design in your silhouette cameo or Cricut machine.

7. Gina C Creates

There’s no lack of creativity in this website that has beautiful mandala designs. There are also many tutorials on the site, so if you are newbie, you can learn some new tricks or get some ideas.
Their free designs are simple to download after signing up on the website.
This religious ‘Loved’ thorn heart is a gorgeous. It would be perfect for pillows, coffee mugs, a variety of clothing items and much more. Perfect for all seasons and celebrations of the year.

8. Caluya Design

The Caluya Design website has both paid and free SVG files. This kitchen heart design is perfect for a wide variety of craft applications including cutting boards. It would make the perfect unique gift for someone (or yourself) that loves to cook.
Get this design at 100% free for personal use. The download process is little  complicated because you have to go through the cart, fill in the billing address and email, and then click on the download link in the email. However, it’s still worth it.

9. Pineapple Paper Co.

There’s more than pineapple designs in the website. They have an exciting array of seasonal SVGs including hearts. This hand drawn bundle is versatile enough to create your own unique design.
To download this lovely designs, you must subscribe to their newsletter.

10. Cutting For Business

For tutorials on how to start and grow a craft business, visit this site. It also has free cut files which include this free heart SVG file. It’s easy to use and can be put on canvas, cloth items, mugs, wine tumblers and much more. To download this, you need to go through a check out process as a formality but cost will be $0.

11. Perfect Stylish Cuts

This website offers free SVG cut files and DIY tutorials. Their easy to download LOVE heart design, is unique and perfect for many creative projects like coffee mugs, pillows, t shirts and more!

12. Designer Printables

This love design decorated with hanging hearts is a great choice for both valentine’s day gift and throughout the year. It would look great on a coffee mug, t shirt, tote bag, pillow and other endless possibilities! I think that these hanging hearts can be also a great decoration for many of your other designs. To get this design, you must go through a checkout, (don’t worry its free) before you download.

13. Printable Cuttable Creatables

If you want cute free and commercial use SVG files, consider this website. This heart would be an adorable for Valentine’s Day or for a loved one’s birthday celebration. To use it you must go through a check out process (yes, it’s still free) to download the design.

14. Free SVG Download

This website is another exciting website with over 3000 designs and many different SVGs to choose from. They have a beautiful Mom floral heart SVG file that can be used for t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, water bottles or wine tumbler. However, be patient with the download process which is a little complicated. You need to click multiple buttons for download and wait a few seconds to download. Their free files are for personal use only and can’t be sold.

Additional Sources of SVG Heart Designs

If you need more heart design, consider paying a small fee and start downloading resources from these two sites. They have millions of high quality designs and you should definitely check out!

15. Design Bundles

There are thousands of SVG heart designs to find on Design Bundles. From paw heart prints to anatomical heart SVG’s, couple heart designs, Valentine’s theme hearts, sketched, distressed, infinity love symbols and so much more. They even have designs on mock products for visualization of what your idea would look like. These designs are mostly bundled at affordable prices. If you need discount, free designs and access to extra designs, sign up for their membership plus plan. These start with a 7-day trial and you can choose a plan between $7.99 to $18.99 per month.

16. Creative Fabrica

This site offers millions of graphics and fonts and is great for finding a wide selection of high quality SVG files that work well with cutting machines. They’re selections range from lovely simple designs to whimsical, flower based, text-based designs and more. The prices for each are very affordable and you can enjoy access to all these SVG files by enrolling in a subscription plan of $29/ per month.

Final Take Away

I hope you have found some new resources and some of these hearts will be useful for your project! If so, feel free to share it with your friends and family who might also be interested. And if you know any other good SVG repositories, share your experiences in the comments below.
Happy crafting!


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