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Free SVG Files for Cricut: Best Sites with Over 50,000 SVG Images

Free SVG Files for Cricut:
Best Sites with Over 50,000 SVG Images

Have you been looking for free SVG files for your Cricut crafting projects? Here is a list of 15 websites with a combined 50,000 free SVG images and they are still growing. You will find designs for almost every possible idea, so your crafting projects becomes limitless. Since files are easy to download directly from the sites, they are convenient to start using today. Let’s get started with the list!

1. Creative Fabrica

This site has millions of graphics that are often bundles of different niches. These are both free and payable. You can find also a wide variety of fonts, embroidery, printable graphics and without a doubt a lots of great looking SVGs. Some freebies are free for a limited time and some are forever.
Creative Fabrica have a category “Free SVGs” but with fewer designs. I recommend browsing the “Free Graphics” category more, as you will find over 100,000 designs here, and most of them are in SVG format.
However, if you still don’t find what you are looking for, you can sign up for their subscription plan and get unlimited access to all graphics. Now they have promotions and first month costs only $ 1.00 so don’t hesitate to give it try.

• It has over 4 million graphics with more added daily.
• Affordable subscription plans to access millions of graphics, fonts and other crafting sources.
• Many of the designs are suitable for Cricut and Silhouette machines.
Freebies comes with a commercial use license.

• To some, the web may seem a little messy.
• It costs more for some single designs. Getting the subscription is a better way to access designs for less.
• You must create an account for a free download.

2. SVGHeart

Did you know you can get FREE SVG cut files, shirt designs and PNG sublimations right here at SVG Heart?
With over 9,000 graphics, you can get designs for most projects you have in mind. If you want a unique design for that special project, contact us for a custom made SVG.
Our professionals can also help you convert pencil drawings or pixelated and low-quality JPEG or PNG images into SVG files that will work perfectly with your machine.
Although our designs are free for personal use without any restrictions, we require a commercial license for commercial use. You can purchase a single design license for a one-time payment, or you can sign up for a bargain monthly or annual membership to get a license for all designs. Welcome to see what we have to offer.

• Download without any limitations.
• New images are added daily.
• Ability to get a customized SVG design from experts.
• Sign up for premium membership and get custom-made designs for free.
Advanced conversion from Png or Jpg images to SVG files.
• Wide range of SVG designs.
• Designs are sorted by categories.

• Files for commercial use must be paid. However, single license or membership plans are very affordable.
• You must create an account for a free download.

3. Free SVG Designs

With 2,000+ Free SVG files, you can find here also fonts and PNG sublimations. All designs can be used in cutting machines like Cricut, Silhouette, Brother Scan and Cut and can be also downloaded in the DXF, PNG, EPS file formats.
Freebies are for personal use only and you will need a commercial license to use in your business. Their files will keep you busy for a long time.

• The SVG files can be used on a variety of cutting machines
• The site has a wide variety of designs
• The download process is as easy as a click of a button and no sign up is required.

• Very basic search function and website design.
• For commercial use, you must purchase a $ 69 lifetime license.

4. Hello SVG

This site has over 1350 Free SVG files for personal and commercial use. They include a combination of sayings, silhouettes, cliparts. The website is easy to use but less attractive and the search function is very basic. All designs are in the DXF, PNG, EPS and SVG file formats. For download you will need to go through check out (no fee is charged).

• The designs are optimized for cut machines.
• Their Free SVG designs are for both personal and commercial use.

• The search bar is not categorized and could take time to search.
• The website does not seem active anymore.
• Must go through checkout and fill billing address.

5. Caluya Designs

This attractive website has over 1100 Free SVG files. However, they also have paid SVG files that range from $1 and more. For commercial use, you can buy a single license or a monthly license that allows unlimited downloads. For better compatibility with your machine, they offer designs in SVG, PNG, EPS and DXF files. These designs are a combination of different styles and bundles to choose from for any craft project.

• They have a free and affordable SVG files as low as $1.
• The website includes tutorials.

• Free only for personal use.
• Must go through checkout and fill billing address.

6. Craft Bundles

The Craft Bundles website is easy to navigate with over 1100 Free SVG files to choose from. Their SVGs are mostly a combination of sayings and clip art image and are optimized for cutting machines such as Silhouette and Cricut. Free downloads are allowed for both commercial and personal use.
You can also sign up for memberships and access their premium designs.
Designs can be downloaded in SVG, EPS, PNG and DXF format and you must log in to download.

• Designs are sorted in 35 categories.
• Attractive and easy to navigate website.
Free SVGs designs are for Commercial and personal use.

• No license for one design.
• The header is too big for me and every time the page loads, you have to scroll down a bit. However it looks good and creative 🙂
• The website does not seem active anymore.

7. Free SVG Download

This easy to navigate website has over 3000 Free SVG files that consist of a combination of sayings and clip art images. Their free SVG’s cannot be sold and are only for personal use. Paid SVG and PNG premium files are also available for commercial use.

• Designs are sorted by categories.
• They do not require an account for free downloads.

• Can be confusing when trying to download as you have to wait couple of seconds to be redirected to a download page.

8. Shop Craftables

This site is clean and easy to navigate. It has over 700 Free SVG files which include sayings and clipart image style designs. These designs are only intended for personal use and require credit when using the files on the website. It’s search feature is advanced and the designs are available in AI, JPG and SVG file formats and very easy to download.

Easy process to download.
• Website offers additional supplies for crafters such as adhesives, accessories, HTV, Grab bags and more.

• All designs are Free for personal use only.

9. Design Bundles

At the time of writing this website has over 470 Free SVG files, but freebies are time limited. Though it appears a little cluttered, this website has attractive bundle designs at affordable prices. Membership gives you access to extra designs at great discounted prices. To download you must create an account and log in. The designs are mostly in SVG, DXF, AI, PNG and EPS formats. The search function is very advanced and fast, so you will find everything you need immediately.

One of the best resources for crafters.
• Very beautiful designs at affordable prices.
Option to join the plus membership plans and get access to over 160,000 design resources.
• Regularly updated designs by graphic designer members.
All freebies can be used for Commercial Use.

• Most of their free SVG designs are time limited.

10. Craft House SVG

This Craft House SVG website has a decent interface and offers (at the time of writing) over 460 Free SVGs. These are mainly a combination of sayings and clip art images and they also offer sublimation bundles and individual clipart SVG files. In addition to the Free SVGs there are also paid SVGs on offer.
Their designs are mainly in SVG, DXF, EPS and PNG formats. Downloading is not so easy, because you always have to go through the checkout.

• They releases new SVG freebies on Tuesdays.
All freebies come with their commercial license.

• The download process is not simple. You need to go through check out of $0 to download your chosen design page.

11. Cutting for Business

This site offers over 380 free cut files that are mainly sayings. All designs are free even for commercial use and great for many varieties of craft projects. However it’s a bit complicated to find a download button, because it’s more of a blog style website and not a svg store like the ones above.  They also offer additional services such as an SVG course, books on how to start a cutting business and such. 

All designs are free for use including commercial use.

• To download a design, you must click a few links and go through checkout and fill billing.

12. Printable Cuttable Creatables

This website has a clean interface with over 350 free SVG designs which have a combination of designs. Their design are mostly clipart, sayings which are mainly in SVG, DXF, PDF and PNG formats. The SVG cut files are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette, Scan N Cut and other machines. All the designs (free and paid), have a Limited Commercial use license.

• All designs come with a Limited Commercial Use license which allows you to sell up to 50 units of products. Get the extended Commercial License to sell more.
• The website is easy to navigate.

• You need to buy different license for different type of usage.
• To download a design you must go through the check out process and put in billing information

13. Top Free Designs

The Top Free Designs website has a busy but functional interface with over 190 free SVG designs. They offer a combination of sayings and clipart images, graphics and fonts as well. These designs are for personal use only and you will need a license for commercial use. Designs are available in SVG, EPS, PNG, DXF formats. It is very easy to download the designs you like.

Quick download of preferred SVG file.
• The website is clear and easy to navigate, however browsing their SVGs might be not easy for someone, because the archive page does not have pagination.

• Files available are only for personal use and can not be modified.
• Does not have categories.

14. Michaels

The Michaels digital design library is bright and attractive to browse over 150 Free SVG designs. They have themed categories of a combination of sayings, prints and clipart image styles. When you choose your design, it will be in SVG cut format and is very easy to download. The Free SVG’s are for personal use only but if selling, there is a limitation of 500 items per file per user.

• The designs are regularly updated.
• Quick download of preferred SVG designs.
Free SVGs can be used commercially. However there is a limitation of 500 items.

• Not so many design to choose from.

15. Happy Crafters

The Happy Crafters have almost 90 Free SVG files. However, these are good quality designs that are a combination of sayings and more. The designs are free to use for personal and commercial use. Designs are in SVG and PNG file format.
These websites do not offer many SVGs, but I think it is worth checking them out because they have attractive designs.

• Nice designs.

• Not so many design to choose from.
• To download it is necessary to go through the checkout and fill in the billing address.


Below are blog style pages and don’t contain as many free files as described above, but it offers nice designs, ideas and tutorials so it’s definitely worth a look.

16. Spot of tea Designs

This is an attractive easy to navigate website with lovely SVG cut file designs. Though fewer designs, you can get a unique design for your project here.

17. Sunshine and Munchkins

This website has printable free Halloween Bingo cards that would be great for kids of all ages to play with. You can download them for free with a login process and enjoy Halloween themed bingo.

18. Artsy and Fartsy Mama

This exciting website has free SVG files in different designs and for different varieties of projects. Though fewer designs, you might just find a gem here.

19. Poofy Cheeks

The designs on this easy to navigate website are mainly sayings and clipart. Though few, they are free and compatible with silhouette and Cricut machines. You never know what ideas you may find here.

20. Studio Xtine

This is an attractive website with a variety of themed category designs. These are all free to use and their photos illustrate very well what you’re designs could look like on different products. Great source for ideas!

21. Persia Lou

This clean interface website has an attractive selection of Free SVG files and each design comes with instructions of how to use it. Check it out to see available designs.

22. My Designs in the Chaos

For attractive free SVG files for Cricut and Silhouette, check out this website. Each design is free for use personally and commercially up to 200 times in your home. They come with how-to instructions and tips, so you’ll know how best to use the designs you find.

23. The Country Chic Cottage

If you are on a budget and need inspiration for design ideas, check out this website. It has beautiful design ideas and how-to instructions for each design. Best of all they are free to use.

Final Take Away

We hope you’ve discovered some new and useful design resources. If so, share this post with your friends and check back regularly with us for updated designs at Happy crafting!

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Free download SVG Files

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50+ Perfect Free Heart SVG Files for Cricut and Other Cut Machines

50+ perfect Free Heart SVG Files for Cricut and Other Cut Machines

If you are looking for a free heart SVG file for any project, today’s post has a great list of collections where to find them. All the sites described below offers also other high quality designs, so I definitely recommend to check them all!

But first, what is an SVG file?

In case you’re not sure of what SVG is, the acronym SVG stands for ‘Scalable Vector Graphic’ is a standard graphic vector file that renders 2D images on the internet.
As said with the word, ’Scalable,’ an SVG can be greatly increased in size without losing its quality. This is a key advantage for crafters to get a high-quality finished design on a product. It can also be customized by color, size, shape and text, making it the crafters dream file format.

Before we jump to the heart selection list, let me explain one thing. Some SVG files can be downloaded in one volume with other files such as DXF, AI, PNG, JPG and are packaged in .ZIP or .RAR format. These packed files cannot be directly used in your machine. To use it in your cut machine’s software, you need first unpack the files by following these simple steps.

How to Unpack an SVG File for use in cutting machines, step by step:

1. Download .ZIP/.RAR file into your computer.
2. If it’s .RAR file, firstly you will need download free software named “WinRAR” (for windows) or “The Unarchive” (for mac). If it’s .ZIP file you only need unpack directly and no extra software is needed.
3. Right mouse click on the file and choose the option of ‘extract all.’
4. Extracted files are ready for uploading onto your cut machines software.

Now that we know the process, let’s go find your perfect free heart SVG file designs in these 16 websites.

50+Free Heart SVG Files

Check out this list of websites that will surprise you with beautiful heart SVG file designs for your creations.

1. SVG Heart

Our website has a large variety of free heart SVG files and you can find them here. All files are optimized for the cricut machine, but you can use them for any other projects. If you need any other file format, you can easily convert SVG to any other file format using online converters. I can recommend It’s simple to use and supports all popular formats – DXF, EPS, PNG, JPEG, PDF.

All our designs are free for personal use but if to be used commercially, you will need to sign up for member ship or buy a single sale license.
We also offer custom made SVG services for anyone wanting a unique SVG. Crafters love that our professionals can make SVGs of many different customized heart designs (or any other) and prices starting at just $2.99.

2. 3 Axis

This website has over 20,000 vector files. You can find here different formats for free download and they have many SVGs as well. Their files are mostly optimized for laser cut machines, but you can also use them for Cricut and other cutting machines.
This heart designs would look lovely on Valentine’s day crafted gifts or for any other time of the year. Download process is simple as one click.

3. Craft House SVG

For a wide variety of seasonal and themed free and paid SVG files, visit this website. This specific free faith heart SVG file is a lovely encouraging love message. It’s a great design for personal projects like home wall decals, coffee mugs, pillows, tote bags and so much more. Download it after going through a check out process of $0.

4. Top Free Designs

The Top Free Designs have a wide variety of SVG files, fonts and graphics. This hearts file is a lovely and simple love written heart design is perfect for valentine’s day. It is free for personal use and is easy to download for your creative ideas.

5. My Designs In The Chaos

If you’re looking for uniquely different heart designs, find them on this site. Their designs are free for personal and commercial use for up to 200 uses.
This bundle consists of 5 whimsical and artsy designs that can be creatively used for literally any and all projects you can think of. Files are simple to download, but download link is almost hidden at the bottom of the post.

6. Free SVG designs

It’s easy to download the free SVG designs from this website. For commercial use, you must get a commercial license, but you might not need a license with this attractive looking heart design for your valentine’s day creations. Use this design on t-shirts, a coffee mug or tote bags to remind you of your loved one. The level of your creativity is the limit when using this design in your silhouette cameo or Cricut machine.

7. Gina C Creates

There’s no lack of creativity in this website that has beautiful mandala designs. There are also many tutorials on the site, so if you are newbie, you can learn some new tricks or get some ideas.
Their free designs are simple to download after signing up on the website.
This religious ‘Loved’ thorn heart is a gorgeous. It would be perfect for pillows, coffee mugs, a variety of clothing items and much more. Perfect for all seasons and celebrations of the year.

8. Caluya Design

The Caluya Design website has both paid and free SVG files. This kitchen heart design is perfect for a wide variety of craft applications including cutting boards. It would make the perfect unique gift for someone (or yourself) that loves to cook.
Get this design at 100% free for personal use. The download process is little  complicated because you have to go through the cart, fill in the billing address and email, and then click on the download link in the email. However, it’s still worth it.

9. Pineapple Paper Co.

There’s more than pineapple designs in the website. They have an exciting array of seasonal SVGs including hearts. This hand drawn bundle is versatile enough to create your own unique design.
To download this lovely designs, you must subscribe to their newsletter.

10. Cutting For Business

For tutorials on how to start and grow a craft business, visit this site. It also has free cut files which include this free heart SVG file. It’s easy to use and can be put on canvas, cloth items, mugs, wine tumblers and much more. To download this, you need to go through a check out process as a formality but cost will be $0.

11. Perfect Stylish Cuts

This website offers free SVG cut files and DIY tutorials. Their easy to download LOVE heart design, is unique and perfect for many creative projects like coffee mugs, pillows, t shirts and more!

12. Designer Printables

This love design decorated with hanging hearts is a great choice for both valentine’s day gift and throughout the year. It would look great on a coffee mug, t shirt, tote bag, pillow and other endless possibilities! I think that these hanging hearts can be also a great decoration for many of your other designs. To get this design, you must go through a checkout, (don’t worry its free) before you download.

13. Printable Cuttable Creatables

If you want cute free and commercial use SVG files, consider this website. This heart would be an adorable for Valentine’s Day or for a loved one’s birthday celebration. To use it you must go through a check out process (yes, it’s still free) to download the design.

14. Free SVG Download

This website is another exciting website with over 3000 designs and many different SVGs to choose from. They have a beautiful Mom floral heart SVG file that can be used for t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, water bottles or wine tumbler. However, be patient with the download process which is a little complicated. You need to click multiple buttons for download and wait a few seconds to download. Their free files are for personal use only and can’t be sold.

Additional Sources of SVG Heart Designs

If you need more heart design, consider paying a small fee and start downloading resources from these two sites. They have millions of high quality designs and you should definitely check out!

15. Design Bundles

There are thousands of SVG heart designs to find on Design Bundles. From paw heart prints to anatomical heart SVG’s, couple heart designs, Valentine’s theme hearts, sketched, distressed, infinity love symbols and so much more. They even have designs on mock products for visualization of what your idea would look like. These designs are mostly bundled at affordable prices. If you need discount, free designs and access to extra designs, sign up for their membership plus plan. These start with a 7-day trial and you can choose a plan between $7.99 to $18.99 per month.

16. Creative Fabrica

This site offers millions of graphics and fonts and is great for finding a wide selection of high quality SVG files that work well with cutting machines. They’re selections range from lovely simple designs to whimsical, flower based, text-based designs and more. The prices for each are very affordable and you can enjoy access to all these SVG files by enrolling in a subscription plan of $29/ per month.

Final Take Away

I hope you have found some new resources and some of these hearts will be useful for your project! If so, feel free to share it with your friends and family who might also be interested. And if you know any other good SVG repositories, share your experiences in the comments below.
Happy crafting!

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Free download SVG Files

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Free SVG File images: Best 7 (+3 Unknow) Sites You Should Know

Free SVG File images:
Best 7 (+3 Unknow) Sites You Should Know

If you’re looking for some great sites to find free SVG images, look no further! In this post, I’ll share seven of my favorite websites offering free and also premium SVG file images! After the list, I shall share a little trick you can use to source thousands of SVG’s from other websites. So, if you’re interested to learn more about these sources, keep reading!

Free Svg File Images

What are SVG files?

Are you curious what SVG file images are?
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images are defined in a vector graphics format and stored in XML text files. They can be searched, indexed, programmed, and compressed. Best of all, the SVG graphics can be resized in size without losing the image quality.

SVG’s are becoming more and more popular and have several advantages over other image formats. The advantages of SVG images also include a small file size, vector graphics, and the ability to be edited after they’re created. This makes them perfect for use in design projects or on websites.

Best 7 Sites for Free and Premium SVG File Images

1. SvgHeart

SvgHeart is our website made with love. It’s an extensive repository with over 10 000 of free SVG files and new designs are added daily.
Our website is easy to navigate and the search tool lets you categorize all designs. All the SVG image files are free to download for personal use. When you need use files commercially, you have to sign up for a monthly or yearly premium membership or buy a single sale license for very affordable prices. See licenses here.

Our professionals are also ready to make for you custom designs and prices start at $2.99USD. Designs are made free of charge for premium members. Get your custom SVG files here. Another great service is conversion from JPG or PNG images to SVG files. Check out the service here or read our extensive article with tips on converting PNG, JPG to SVG for free here.

• The site has over 10 000 free SVG files, and new SVG’s are added daily.
• High-quality SVGs that are optimized for cutting machines.
• Service for custom-made SVG designs.
• Custom made designs are made free of charge for premium members.
• Converting service from JPG, PNG images to SVG.

• Files used for commercial purposes must be paid. However, these paid plans are very affordable.

2. Free SVG Designs

Free SVG Designs is another large repository of free SVG image files. It has over 1,900 designs that are all free to download and use. However, these files attract a small fee for commercial usage by buying a commercial license. The variety of available designs includes quotes, celebrations, seasons, fonts and more. These SVG files are downloadable in EPS, PNG, DXF, and SVG formats.

• For best compatibility with most machines, each design can be downloaded in 4 file formats – SVG, EPS, PNG, DXF.
• A good variety of designs are available

• All designs are free for personal use only. For commercial use you have to purchase license.

3. HelloSVG

At helloSVG, you will find an enormous variety of SVG designs that range from flowers, seasons, christian, kids, sports, and much more. All designs are free to download for personal use and free for commercial use by small businesses (those with less than 500 sales). The website is relatively easy to navigate though the search function is not categorized.

• The designs are of good quality and optimized for cut machines.
• They have a large variety of Free SVG designs for personal and commercial use.
• Quick downloads of preferred SVG images.

• The search bar is not categorized, which might take time to find what you need.
• The website does not seem active anymore.

4. Craftbundles

Craftbundles is a repository website with more than 1,100 free SVG files in 35 categories. The SVG bundle designs include back to school, family bundle, valentines, and more. Craftbundles also offers ‘Free SVG Cut Files’. There is an option to be a member and access more exclusive designs that can also be used commercially. This website is easy to navigate and search for what you need.

• Wide variety of high-quality SVG files in 35 categories.
• Bundles offered to make shopping easier.
• Attractive easy to navigate website.
• Provide 4 file formats – SVG, PNG, EPS, DXF

• They do not custom make designs.
• Not super huge repository, however paid membership gives you access to more and exclusive designs.

5. FreeSVG

The FreeSVG provides SVG vector images with a Creative Commons 0 license (public domain). That means you can copy, edit, distribute, and perform the work without seeking permission, including commercial purposes.
They offer more than 157,000 free design varieties which include signs, frames, animals, plants, flowers and more.

• Have over 150,000 varieties of SVG image designs.
• All designs are free to use, even commercially.
• You can download with a preferred size.

• Some files are not optimized for cut machines and you need to make adjustments.

6. DesignBundles

The DesignBundles site offers a fascinating array of bundled SVG designs (over 550 000) for your most creative projects. The bundle’s design categories include anything you’ll imagine – Christmas, crowns, flowers, valentine, Bible quotes, sayings and much more. All designs are made by independent and top quality designers. They offer mostly paid designs, however some free and weekly freebies you’ll find too. You can also join their plus membership option with a 7-day free trial and access to extra designs and great discounts.

• Amazing array of bundles offered at affordable prices
Option to join the plus membership plans and get access to over 160,000 extra design resources.
• High quality designs and optimized for cut machines.
• Ability to create a store and sell your SVG designs. But designs must be in high quality!

• Not many free designs.

7. Creative Fabrica

At Creative Fabrica, you will find millions of paid and free SVG files. The website is great resource for crafting with cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette. Their subscription plans allow you to access and download millions of premium designs and fonts. The most popular subscription plan is the All-Access Plan of $29 per month, which gives unlimited access to all their designs. The website interface and navigation are basic and functional.

A great resource for all crafters.
Probably best resource for high quality fonts.
• Affordable subscription plans to access millions of graphics.
• Most of the SVG’s are suitable for Cricut and Silhouette machines.

• The website is a little cluttered
• It costs more for some single designs, so subscriptions are a better way to access designs for less money.

3 Other Websites to Source for SVG Files with This Simple Trick!

As promised, here are the three bonus sites that mostly do not offer SVG’s but have their images in Eps or Ai vector file format. These files can be easily converted to SVG files with online tools, like Cloud Convert or Convertio, which are FREE to use. All you have to do is upload your desired design in Ai or EPS files format, click convert and within seconds you’ll have SVG file which perfectly works with your machine.

1.  Public Domains Vectors

The Public Domain Vectors website offers over 700 pages of copyright-free images in .ai, .cdr, .eps, and some in SVG file format. The variety of vectors includes animals, peoples, icons, logos and much more. All these images are free to use for commercial usage also.

• There are thousands of images to choose from in many categories.
All images are copyright free to use for personal and commercial usage.
• The website has an easy-to-navigate interface.

• Some images may not be fully optimized for cut machines.

2. Vecteezy

The Vecteezy website is well known for stock photos, videos, and vector art. These vector images are primarily in .ai and .eps file formats and varieties include banners, people, landscape, flowers, hearts, unicorns, cars, trucks and much more. This huge vector repository is free to download for personal use but not for commercial use. By joining their affordable Pro subscription, you can enjoy commercial use and unlimited downloads of any vectors you want.

• There is a large selection of vector images.
• The vector files are high quality.
• The website is easy to navigate.

• Not all images are fully optimized for cut machines.

3. Vector Portal

At the Vector Portal, you will get free stock vector files, icons, and clip art which include sports, technology, people, music, military and more. All are in .ai and .eps format. Most of these images have a Creative Commercial license which means that you can freely use them for personal and commercial use but with attribution. They have celebrity and sports images marked for ‘Editorial Use Only,’ which means they can only be used for news media and non-commercial purposes.

• It is free to use SVG files for personal and commercial use, but attribution to the author is required.
• Fresh new content is added daily from the design community.
• Website is attractive and easy to navigate.

• ‘Editorial Use Only’ images must get permission from the trademark owner to use commercially.
• Some images may not be fully optimized for cut machines.
Attribution to the author is required.

Final Take Away

I hope you found some new and valuable resources for your design needs. I believe these free resources have everything you need for most of your creative projects, and if you’re willing to pay a little extra, you’ll get almost anything. To convert any of the images on the three websites, use our simple trick that will do just that in seconds! If you know some other SVG image repository sites, please share your experiences below so we can learn from you too! Happy crafting!

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Free download SVG Files

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Convert JPG Or PNG To SVG File: TOP 5 Free Converter Tools

Converting PNG or JPG to SVG file

Converting JPG Or PNG To SVG File: TOP 5 Free Converter Tools

If you’re a creative professional or hobbyist crafter, you may always find perfect images that you’d love to use in your project. But because images are in JPG or PNG format, they may not work well with your machine or you may just need do some changes in the design. In this case, JPG or PNG images need to be converted into SVG file image.

What are the differences between JPG, PNG and SVG images for crafting?

1. A PNG, or Portable Network Graphics, is a web-based image format that can get pixelated or blurry. Unlike the SVG, a PNG file is a flat image with no layers.

Pros of PNG in crafting:

  • It is an accepted format in Cricut, Silhouette and most other cutting machines.
  • It is a good image format for mock-up images due to its transparent background.
  • Lossless compression.
  • PNGs are suitable for logos or other small images.

Cons of PNG in crafting:

  • The image must be saved in higher resolutions to get best result.
  • It does not have cut lines inside the file because it has no layers.
  • It is impossible to cut, ungroup or divide the image because it has no layers like SVG.
  • It is not possible to change colors or modify shapes.
  • PNGs do not support the CMYK colour model and are not so suitable as JPG for printing.

2. A JPG or Joint Photography Group is a file used for web images. It contains compressed image data.

Pros of JPG in crafting

  • It is an accepted format in Cricut, Silhouette and most other cutting machines.
  • Without compression, high-quality JPG files are more suitable for printing and “Print and Cut” feature in Cricut Design Space and result is perfect.

Cons of JPG in crafting

  • In a JPG file, you can’t distinguish between color layers, so it becomes impossible for Cricut Design Space to lay each layer out separately.
  • Creativity with a JPG image is limited due to its one layer.
  • It is not possible to change colors or modify shapes.
  • Lossy compression.
  • Doesn’t support transparencies.

3. SVG file usage and with what machines its compatible

An SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is also called a vector file. This image can be increased upwards in size, and it will never get pixelated. When used in cutting machines, SVGs are perfect because they have layers, which can be divided, ungrouped, or cut into different colors without tracing. Cutting machines also automatically read the lines of SVG files.

SVGs are compatible with most popular die-cut machines such as the Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Maker, the Brother Scan N Cut and many others.

5 Free Tools For Converting JPG Or PNG To An SVG File

To convert JPG, PNG images to an SVG format, it’s always better to have higher resolution images. If you have a low-quality image, you can try to make better quality with an online photo enhancer like

Another option is using Gimp, which is free desktop software. See the detailed tutorial here.

Here is my top selection of 5 converter tools you need to convert JPG or PNG images to SVG files. Let’s get started!


This website also goes by the website name and claims to be the world’s only free online tracer comparable in conversion quality to paid programs and platforms. These websites provide simple, fast and good quality conversions. However, it is not the best tool for converting photos to SVG as it makes too many detailed color layers. But this still works for crafters who like this type of design result.

Png2Svg is best for digital art images like the drawing style images of an unicorn and owl that are shown in the illustrations below. This is because the resolution is good and have sharp, simple and smooth edges.



PNGtoSVG is one of the top-rated online converters and has over 1.5 million images converted in just 3 Months. It converts images saved in JPEG and PNG formats to SVGs with perfect accuracy and size reduction. This website is good for converting drawings into layered SVG files. With this tool, you can simplify and smoothen edges and when converted to SVG, you can change the colors of layers directly on the website before you download.
It is best for graphic images like the one shown in the video below. However, it is also not so good for converting from photo images.

After the simple process of uploading your preferred image to the website, play around with it and you’ll get perfect layered SVG within seconds.

Watch this video how to convert a PNG or JPG file into a layered SVG file using

3. PicSVG and Art Vectorizer

These tools are best for making SVG from a photo images. Examples of these SVGs are memorials and ceremonial from people’s faces, dogs, and more.

Before we jump into the next converter tools, you should know about, a site where you can easily upload and remove backgrounds. These photo images can be of your loved ones or any other photos with your desired design.

The PicSVG is also a free online converter of PNG, JPG, and even GIF images to SVG with the ability to upload and convert up to 4Mb.

You can learn how to remove background and convert a picture into an SVG file using and in this video:

PicSVG converter have filter effects to modify details however it may not fit for all images. This is why I recommend more advanced converter which is Art vectorizer.

The Art Vectorizer is a new feature from PNGtoSVG converter tool. It provides more filters and functions for photo adjustments. You can use it to modify details, lightness, thickness, and add extra outline. It’s also a gorgeous tool for making hand-drawn effect vector graphics.

4. Cricut Design Space

When you like an image on Google for example, you can transform it from either a JPG image or PNG into an SVG on Cricut design space. The conversion is not so easy as work with free online tools, but once you learn it well, the result comes out perfect especially for drawing style images. After identifying the image you like on Google (search name + clipart), download it. On Cricut design space, upload the image and play with the design, layering, and colors until you create the design you like. Rename it and save it as a Cut Image. Follow along with the instructions in this video:

5. Inkscape

This is a free, open-source vector graphics editor that can convert images to SVG.
It has a rich set of features and is one of the main software’s for making any SVG files. With Inkscape you can create any cartoons, logos, sayings, clip art images you can imagine and create. However, it’s quite an advanced tool for beginners and takes time to learn how to work on it.

There are two main ways to create SVGs from images. These are:

1. Manual Technique

Here you can create a vectorized tracing of any image using Inkscape manually. This process requires that you import the image into Inkscape and then, using the pen tool, trace around the image. There must be layers of tracing done and adding colors into the traced image.

For more instructions and tips on how to create a vectorized tracing of any image manually, watch this video:

2. Trace Bitmap

The trace bitmap feature located in Inkscape allows you to create a vector tracing of a photograph using an automated algorithm instead of tracing it manually using the bezier pen and other tools.

The benefit of using trace bitmap is that it saves you a lot of time since it creates a really quick tracing of any photograph you have. However, it doesn’t always work with every photo based on the composition of your photo sometimes. It produces some sloppy results, so you’re never going to get a 100% accurate tracing of your photograph.

To learn how to use Inkscape’s trace bitmap to make silhouettes, vector textures, and colorful cartoon-like renderings from your photographs, watch this video:

If you have tried to convert JPG or PNG images to SVG but found that its time consuming to learn what to do or if your images have been too complicated to convert with free online tools, consider letting the professionals at SVGHeart take care of this for you. At SVGHeart, you can purchase the service of converting JPG/PNG to SVG directly. The prices start at $2.99.

Our experts are well experienced in converting designs from advanced, low resolution / pixelated images and converting SVG from hand-drawn PNG or JPG sketches.


Final Take Away

We hope this list of free online conversion tools and this blog post have been helpful to you. If it has been, feel free to share it with your friends and family who might also be looking for a good free online converter tools.

What do you think the best way is to convert JPG or PNG files into SVG? Let us know in the comments below!

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