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Free SVG File images:
Best 7 (+3 Unknow) Sites You Should Know

If you’re looking for some great sites to find free SVG images, look no further! In this post, I’ll share seven of my favorite websites offering free and also premium SVG file images! After the list, I shall share a little trick you can use to source thousands of SVG’s from other websites. So, if you’re interested to learn more about these sources, keep reading!

Free Svg File Images

What are SVG files?

Are you curious what SVG file images are?
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images are defined in a vector graphics format and stored in XML text files. They can be searched, indexed, programmed, and compressed. Best of all, the SVG graphics can be resized in size without losing the image quality.

SVG’s are becoming more and more popular and have several advantages over other image formats. The advantages of SVG images also include a small file size, vector graphics, and the ability to be edited after they’re created. This makes them perfect for use in design projects or on websites.

Best 7 Sites for Free and Premium SVG File Images

1. SvgHeart

SvgHeart is our website made with love. It’s an extensive repository with over 10 000 of free SVG files and new designs are added daily.
Our website is easy to navigate and the search tool lets you categorize all designs. All the SVG image files are free to download for personal use. When you need use files commercially, you have to sign up for a monthly or yearly premium membership or buy a single sale license for very affordable prices. See licenses here.

Our professionals are also ready to make for you custom designs and prices start at $2.99USD. Designs are made free of charge for premium members. Get your custom SVG files here. Another great service is conversion from JPG or PNG images to SVG files. Check out the service here or read our extensive article with tips on converting PNG, JPG to SVG for free here.

• The site has over 10 000 free SVG files, and new SVG’s are added daily.
• High-quality SVGs that are optimized for cutting machines.
• Service for custom-made SVG designs.
• Custom made designs are made free of charge for premium members.
• Converting service from JPG, PNG images to SVG.

• Files used for commercial purposes must be paid. However, these paid plans are very affordable.

2. Free SVG Designs

Free SVG Designs is another large repository of free SVG image files. It has over 1,900 designs that are all free to download and use. However, these files attract a small fee for commercial usage by buying a commercial license. The variety of available designs includes quotes, celebrations, seasons, fonts and more. These SVG files are downloadable in EPS, PNG, DXF, and SVG formats.

• For best compatibility with most machines, each design can be downloaded in 4 file formats – SVG, EPS, PNG, DXF.
• A good variety of designs are available

• All designs are free for personal use only. For commercial use you have to purchase license.

3. HelloSVG

At helloSVG, you will find an enormous variety of SVG designs that range from flowers, seasons, christian, kids, sports, and much more. All designs are free to download for personal use and free for commercial use by small businesses (those with less than 500 sales). The website is relatively easy to navigate though the search function is not categorized.

• The designs are of good quality and optimized for cut machines.
• They have a large variety of Free SVG designs for personal and commercial use.
• Quick downloads of preferred SVG images.

• The search bar is not categorized, which might take time to find what you need.
• The website does not seem active anymore.

4. Craftbundles

Craftbundles is a repository website with more than 1,100 free SVG files in 35 categories. The SVG bundle designs include back to school, family bundle, valentines, and more. Craftbundles also offers ‘Free SVG Cut Files’. There is an option to be a member and access more exclusive designs that can also be used commercially. This website is easy to navigate and search for what you need.

• Wide variety of high-quality SVG files in 35 categories.
• Bundles offered to make shopping easier.
• Attractive easy to navigate website.
• Provide 4 file formats – SVG, PNG, EPS, DXF

• They do not custom make designs.
• Not super huge repository, however paid membership gives you access to more and exclusive designs.

5. FreeSVG

The FreeSVG provides SVG vector images with a Creative Commons 0 license (public domain). That means you can copy, edit, distribute, and perform the work without seeking permission, including commercial purposes.
They offer more than 157,000 free design varieties which include signs, frames, animals, plants, flowers and more.

• Have over 150,000 varieties of SVG image designs.
• All designs are free to use, even commercially.
• You can download with a preferred size.

• Some files are not optimized for cut machines and you need to make adjustments.

6. DesignBundles

The DesignBundles site offers a fascinating array of bundled SVG designs (over 550 000) for your most creative projects. The bundle’s design categories include anything you’ll imagine – Christmas, crowns, flowers, valentine, Bible quotes, sayings and much more. All designs are made by independent and top quality designers. They offer mostly paid designs, however some free and weekly freebies you’ll find too. You can also join their plus membership option with a 7-day free trial and access to extra designs and great discounts.

• Amazing array of bundles offered at affordable prices
Option to join the plus membership plans and get access to over 160,000 extra design resources.
• High quality designs and optimized for cut machines.
• Ability to create a store and sell your SVG designs. But designs must be in high quality!

• Not many free designs.

7. Creative Fabrica

At Creative Fabrica, you will find millions of paid and free SVG files. The website is great resource for crafting with cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette. Their subscription plans allow you to access and download millions of premium designs and fonts. The most popular subscription plan is the All-Access Plan of $29 per month, which gives unlimited access to all their designs. The website interface and navigation are basic and functional.

A great resource for all crafters.
Probably best resource for high quality fonts.
• Affordable subscription plans to access millions of graphics.
• Most of the SVG’s are suitable for Cricut and Silhouette machines.

• The website is a little cluttered
• It costs more for some single designs, so subscriptions are a better way to access designs for less money.

3 Other Websites to Source for SVG Files with This Simple Trick!

As promised, here are the three bonus sites that mostly do not offer SVG’s but have their images in Eps or Ai vector file format. These files can be easily converted to SVG files with online tools, like Cloud Convert or Convertio, which are FREE to use. All you have to do is upload your desired design in Ai or EPS files format, click convert and within seconds you’ll have SVG file which perfectly works with your machine.

1.  Public Domains Vectors

The Public Domain Vectors website offers over 700 pages of copyright-free images in .ai, .cdr, .eps, and some in SVG file format. The variety of vectors includes animals, peoples, icons, logos and much more. All these images are free to use for commercial usage also.

• There are thousands of images to choose from in many categories.
All images are copyright free to use for personal and commercial usage.
• The website has an easy-to-navigate interface.

• Some images may not be fully optimized for cut machines.

2. Vecteezy

The Vecteezy website is well known for stock photos, videos, and vector art. These vector images are primarily in .ai and .eps file formats and varieties include banners, people, landscape, flowers, hearts, unicorns, cars, trucks and much more. This huge vector repository is free to download for personal use but not for commercial use. By joining their affordable Pro subscription, you can enjoy commercial use and unlimited downloads of any vectors you want.

• There is a large selection of vector images.
• The vector files are high quality.
• The website is easy to navigate.

• Not all images are fully optimized for cut machines.

3. Vector Portal

At the Vector Portal, you will get free stock vector files, icons, and clip art which include sports, technology, people, music, military and more. All are in .ai and .eps format. Most of these images have a Creative Commercial license which means that you can freely use them for personal and commercial use but with attribution. They have celebrity and sports images marked for ‘Editorial Use Only,’ which means they can only be used for news media and non-commercial purposes.

• It is free to use SVG files for personal and commercial use, but attribution to the author is required.
• Fresh new content is added daily from the design community.
• Website is attractive and easy to navigate.

• ‘Editorial Use Only’ images must get permission from the trademark owner to use commercially.
• Some images may not be fully optimized for cut machines.
Attribution to the author is required.

Final Take Away

I hope you found some new and valuable resources for your design needs. I believe these free resources have everything you need for most of your creative projects, and if you’re willing to pay a little extra, you’ll get almost anything. To convert any of the images on the three websites, use our simple trick that will do just that in seconds! If you know some other SVG image repository sites, please share your experiences below so we can learn from you too! Happy crafting!

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